Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis, Marcel Veltkamp, MD PhD

Protein accumulation in the lung, called pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (PAP). Over 90% of all adult patients with PAP have autoantibodies against GM-CSF, a growth factor that is required to stimulate macrophages to remove excess surfactant from the alveoli. The main treatment for severe PAP is whole-lung lavage, which often needs to be repeated several times to obtain a satisfactory result. This technique requires a team of experts and must be carried out at a specialised centre. Milder forms of PAP can be treated with nebulised GMCSF or a watchful-waiting strategy.

Please see the video of how Dr. Marcel Veltkamp - with a team of experts from the ILD Center of Excellence, St. Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein, The Netherlands - performs a total lung lavage.


High Quality Care from de Firma Beeld on Vimeo.


Download article (PDF): Veltkamp M. Rare cause of dyspnoea: protein accumulation in the lungs. ild care today 2017; 10(19).

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