Of those participants who kindly provided a digital version of their poster, these posters can be viewed online:


A    Case series and case reports  
A2 Razenberg Churg-Strauss syndrome in a pediatric patient  
A3 Vanfleteren Fatal drug-induced interstitial pneumonitis associated with amitriptyline and clozapine drug-drug interactions  
A11 Ottink A child with idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis and celiac disease: A causative mechanism?  
B    Genetics and mechanisms in sarcoidosis
B6 Videnovic–Ivanov Glicoregulation in patients with sarcoidosis  
C    Diagnostic tools in sarcoidosis: What is new?  
C2 Mostard Association of HRCT findings with pulmonary PET activity in sarcoidosis  
C3 Mostard Bone and bone marrow involvement in sarcoidosis as detected by F18 FDG-PET/CT  
C6 Videnovic-Ivanov Fluorodeoxyglucosae positron emission tomography scans in sarcoidosis  
C7 Vucinic-Mihailovic Neurosarcoidosis: MRI and CSF findings in our patients  
C8 Filipovic Chitotriosidase – reliable test for sarcoidosis activity  
C11 Kempisty Interferon γ release assays are useful to exclude M. tuberculosis infection in sarcoidosis patients with positive tuberculin skin test  
C12 Cremers Assessment of prevalence and severity of hepatic involvement in sarcoidosis  
D    Treatment options in sarcoidosis
D2 Erckens Successful treatment with adalimumab of sarcoidosis patients with chronic non-infectious uveitis  
D3 Drijkoningen Successful treatment of multi-organ refractory sarcoidosis with adalimumab  
D5 Kock Infliximab in refractory sarcoidosis: the ild care experience  
D6 Vucinic Steroid therapy and metabolic syndrome in patients with sarcoidosis  
E    Impact of Sarcoidosis in patients’ lives
E1 de Kleijn Measurement of fatigue in sarcoidosis: Defining minimal clinically important differences  
E2 de Kleijn Three types of fatigue in sarcoidosis patients  
E5 Vucinic “Pride and prejudice” in sarcoidosis. Does a prescribed treatment match a patient’s priorities?  
E6 Filipovic The coexistence between fatigue and oxidative stress – total antioxidant status (TAS) in sarcoidosis  
E7 Vucinic Transcranial ultrasound (TCS) in sarcoidosis- relation to fatigue, depression, and anxiety  
E10 Mizuno Cutaneous lesions of sarcoidosis in Japan  
F    Pulmonary fibrosis and other ild
F1 Wijnen Diffuse alveolar hemorrhage associated with variant alleles increases the risk of pulmonary fibrosis in patients using oral anticoagulants  
F11 Hendriks Bronchogenic carcinoma in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients after lung transplantation  
G    Inflammation: Serum, BAL, and induced sputum in sarcoidosis
G2 Oswald-Richter CD8+ T cell exhaustion in sarcoidosis disease  
G5 Patterson Circulating cytokines in sarcoidosis  
G6 Smojver-Je┼żek Differences in BAL macrophages cytology determined by morphometric analysis in patients with sarcoidosis  
H    Inflammation: Serum, BAL, and induced sputum in ild
H3 Vanspauwen Presence of mimivirus in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of critically ill patients suspected of ventilator-associated pneumonia
H4 Schnabel Alternative diagnosis in the ventilator-associated pneumonia suspected bronchoalveolar lavage negative patient
H5 Osolnik Diagnostic value of pulmonary NKT CD3+CD16/56+ cells
H6 Stark Induced sputum analyses in Beryllium-exposed dental technicians reflect hygiene and oxidative stress
H7 Takahashi Levels of autoantibodies against granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) are elevated in the sera of pneumoconiosis patients


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