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In Memoriam: Om P. Sharma


Om P. Sharma: The Renaissance Man




Dr. Om Prakash Sharma recently passed away. Dr. Sharma was one of the founders of WASOG and was its president for many years. His work on clinical aspects of the disease spanned more than 40 years. He was author of hundreds of papers, many of them about sarcoidosis. He was editor of several books and journals. In addition, he had written several books and articles about other important scientists in medicine, including Samuel Johnson, Sheila Sherlock, and his close friend Gerry James.

For those of us lucky enough to know him, his passing is very sad news. For those of you who had not yet met him, you have missed a great opportunity. Om always spoke with a calm reassurance, yet he was very passionate about many things. Many of us have our favorite Om stories, but they mostly center about how he encouraged us. In the upcoming months, there will be more said about his achievements. For now, let us just think about what we have lost.

Robert P. Baughman MD
President of WASOG



Prof. dr. Om Sharma: ‘History of sarcoidosis and other ild’.
12-05-2006, Maastricht, the Netherlands (SYMPOSIUM: ‘Past, present and future of ild)’


Condolence Register for Dr. Om P. Sharma



Moses October 31, 2012 - 2:53 pm My father was hzlpitasioed last year in a government hospital at the lowest class, for diabetic wound to his foot. The stay in the hospital (a Malaysian public hospital) may not be a five star treatment like those of premier private hospital but it was ok. The staffs did what they had do and was polite to the best of their ability.While there, and being a teaching hospital as I believe most public hospital are, there were endless number of students in both medicine as well as those from the nursing classes to practice what they had learned in class and try to understand more about human health and their causes and effects. I have no problem with that since they need to what they had to do. Nevertheless, sometimes it does get on my nerve in observing, how the persistence questioning about the medical history of the patient is paramount and once it is accomplished, just an about turn and towards the next patient in the ward than how the person is.Nevertheless, each person irregardless of their chosen field, medical doctor, dentist, or what you prestigious field of work, will have to find it themselves to connect with people and how to transform their profession into something noble as much as it is with prestige.This come to mind the story of Ayrton Senna and how his own professional field of work has been change upon his death with thoughts on driver safety for example rather outright needs for speeds and thrill.For whatever reason, Richard Teo has been put into our path to be a sign that there is something more profound than what we think ourselves are.Rest in peace, Richard.

Sandra K. Larson
Spouse of Sarcoidosis patient

My husband was diagnosed with systemic sarcoidosis in 1999. Our local cardiologist advised we contact a sarcoidosis expert in a university medical center, due to the complexities of my husband's disease process. Our research led us to Dr. Sharma's website. Dr. Sharma returned my email plea for help. He was kind enough to forward his patient guide to us and recommended we make an appointment with Dr. Robert Baughman in Cincinnati, due to our MidWest US geography. My husband was blessed to become Dr. Baughman's patient (who is single-handedly responsible for saving his life)!! Thank you, posthumously, Dr. Sharma, for your lifesaving advice and wise counsel. My husband continues his sarcoidosis fight because of you and Dr. Baughman. Thank you, WASOG, for your continued dedication and research. Best regards, Paul and Sandee Larson USA

Sandra K. Larson
Spouse of Sarcoidosis patient

My husband was diagnosed with systemic sarcoidosis in 1999. Our local cardiologist advised we contact a sarcoidosis expert in a university medical center, due to the complexities of my husband's disease process. Our research led us to Dr. Sharma's website. Dr. Sharma returned my email plea for help. He was kind enough to forward his patient guide to us and recommended we make an appointment with Dr. Robert Baughman in Cincinnati, due to our MidWest US geography. My husband was blessed to become Dr. Baughman's patient (who is single-handedly responsible for saving his life)!! Thank you, posthumously, Dr. Sharma, for your lifesaving advice and wise counsel. My husband continues his sarcoidosis fight because of you and Dr. Baughman. Thank you, WASOG, for your continued dedication and research. Best regards, Paul and Sandee Larson USA

Dr. Dries van Zandt

What i mostly recall from Professor Sharma is our long conversations in his car going home after work. He inspired to me again the affection for medicine as only a gentleman physician like him could do. May he rest in peace Dries van Zandt


I am patient of sarcoidosis,last year when i have been experimented by different doctors but unable to diagnosis my actual disease.Then my wife found DR.OM Sharma's website and wrote a mail with the details and he replied back with confirmation and guidance about the disease,and also suggest me the Dr.who can help me and today i am mostly cured. Its my hard luck that I can not meet this angel of god but my love and respect for him will always there. GOD BLESS HIS SOUL.

Cliffie D. James-Sanders

As for me, there is no other Bible Verses more Befitting.Rest in Peace, YOU GREAT TEACHER-OM P SHARMA 2 Timothy 4:1-5 (NCV) 1 I give you a command in the presence of God and Christ Jesus, the One who will judge the living and the dead, and by his coming and his kingdom: 2 Preach the Good News. Be ready at all times, and tell people what they need to do. Tell them when they are wrong. Encourage them with great patience and careful teaching, 3 because the time will come when people will not listen to the true teaching but will find many more teachers who please them by saying the things they want to hear.4 They will stop listening to the truth and will begin to follow false stories.5 But you should control yourself at all times, accept troubles, do the work of telling the Good News, and complete all the duties of a servant of God. 2 Timothy 4:6-8 (NCV) 6 My life is being given as an offering to God, and the time has come for me to leave this life. 7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 8 Now, a crown is being held for me-a crown for being right with God. The Lord, the judge who judges rightly, will give the crown to me on that day -not only to me but to all those who have waited with love for him to come again.

Cliffie D. James-Sanders

April 7, 1993, was my face to face meeting with Dr. Sharma. I live in El Paso, Texas, and I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Sarcoid. Little was known about the disease and I had gone to several doctors, who treated me with Prednisone, the only treatment known. I emailed Dr. Sharma on or about April 1, 1993, explained my case and situation,he responeded within 30mins.listened to my concerns and asked if I could get to California by April 7, and my parents said "yes", We drove to California, when I my parents and grandmother went into Dr.Sharma's office he had received all of my medical records from el paso and the AZ Mayo Clinic. At this time I was having congestive heart failure and could barely walk, weighing 380, having gained this weight rapidly when in 1992, I weighed 175 pounds. Dr. Sharma was ready to schedule me for gastric by pass the next morning, however, my insurance refused to cover my appointment with Dr. Sharma, he waived all charges for my visit,for this reason and the distance i traveled to get to him and in such a short period of time. He said we have a 50-50 chance w/wo steroids. I had to lose the weight or I would not live to see 1994. When I returned to el paso, i had trouble getting into the wls dr. I emailed Dr. Sharma and he made a call and got me in one week later, when they began the surgery they found my liver covered in white granulomas, they sent a biopsy to Dr. Sharma, he said, continue with the surgery and keep a continued watch on her blood liver levels and ever 6months conduct the appropriate scans to visually check on the liver. I lost the weight and had no evidence of sarcoid again. Now, that I live in SC and i am now 48yrs old Im having signs of skeletal, muscular and nuerological sarcoid. Dr. sharma always told me to give myy dr. full info about my history and let them know what worked and what did not work. He also told me to tell drs who said sarcoid was only a lung disease, to contact him so he could educate them. He told me to alway stand boldly and listen to MY BODY AND TELL THEM WHAT DID AND DID NOT WORK AND IF THEY DID NOT LISTEN TO CALL HIM. I came on line this morning to email dr. sharma and found this. WHAT DO I DO NOW, WHERE DO I GO NOW...DEAR GOD IF YOU CAN SEND ME A MESSAGE FROM DR. OM P SHARMA TO GIVE ME THE NEXT STEPS TO TAKE. DR. SHARMA WAS MY FRIEND, MY COUNSELOR, MY SUPPORTER, MY DR. AND THE MOST SERIOUS AND LOVING DOCTOR WHEN IT CAME TO HIS PATIENTS AND SARCOIDOSIS. TO HIS FAMILY, THANK YOU FOR SHARING SUCH AN AWESOME MAN, GENIUS WITH THE WORLD. DR. OM P SHARMA, IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, MUCH LOVE TO YOU, FROM MY FAMILY, ESPECIALLY MY SON, WHOM YOU PROMISED I WOULD SEE HIM INTO ADULT-HOOD, AND FROM MYSELF..YOU WERE MORE THAN MY LONG DISTANCE CONSULTANT WHO FOLLOWED MY TREATMENT FOR OVER 10YEARS...MY GOD BE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. THANKS, WITH MUCH LOVE, CLIFFIE DENISE JAMES... Dr. Sharma always checked in with me. I had not heard from him in a long time.

Filippo Martone
Amici Contro la Sarcoidosi Italia

I hope that, in memory of professor Om P. Sharma, all the researchers and the practitioners will find everyday new energies to put forward the hope of the people he cured in all his lifetime.

Professor Alimuddin Zumla
University College London Medical School

I knew Professor Om Sharma for the past 28 years. I was first introduced to him in 1984 by our common mentors and friends the late Professor David Geraint James, ‘The Sarcoidosis King”, and Dame Sheila Sherlock “The Liver Queen” at the Royal Northern and Royal Free Hospitals in London where I was working as a junior physician resident in internal medicine. This association flourished for nearly three decades, not only due to our common interests in pulmonary medicine and tropical diseases, but also due to our “unity of purpose” and deep commitment in advancing these specialities through medical education, research and dissemination of scientific and medical knowledge. Those of us who work on pulmonary infectious and tropical diseases recognized Professor Om Sharma as one of the leading global authorities in the field of Tropical Lung Diseases. He was a rare and unique academician and educator with a broad ranging expertise and interests, from being one of the world’s best experts on sarcoidosis and tropical lung disease, to possessing an extensive knowledge of medical history and medical art. Om’s global leadership of Tropical Lung Diseases was aptly illustrated by his editorship and lead of several important Lung Tropical Diseases textbooks which are globally regarded as ‘classics’. Apart from the COPM series, Om kindly invited me to work with him on 3 of his major book projects on tropical lung diseases, one as co-editor and as chapter author in the other two. As co-editor of the textbook ‘The Tropical Lung’ for the ‘Clinics in Chest Medicine series’ published in 2002 we highlighted in this book’s preface the fact that tropical diseases did not respect international boundaries and there was a worrying trend of these diseases being missed or misdiagnosed by clinicians in the west. These authoritative textbooks provide state-of-the-art reviews of the most commonly encountered infectious and non-infectious tropical pulmonary diseases and emphasized current approaches to the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of tropical lung disorders--offering a concise overview of imaging technologies in the tropics, as well as authoritative coverage of specific diseases such as tuberculosis, tropical pulmonary eosinophilia, schistosomiasis, malaria, amebiasis, Behcet's disease, and Familial Mediterranean Fever. Om brought a new standard of academic excellence to the teaching of tropical lung diseases in the USA and Europe. Tropical lung disease in the USA would have been neglected had it not been for the work of OM who has continuously highlighted the public health impact of infectious disease in the tropics as well as the potential for serious global impact, including in the USA. In 2010 Professor David Geraint James died, Om and I were both immensely saddened by the demise of a mutual friend and mentor who we so loved. Om's demise saddens me even further. May his soul rest in peace

Dr.Rajesh Agrawal
Asso.Professor RMC Bareilly INDIA

I have been lucky enough to join his presentations. i feel sorry on his last journey to Heaven.

Lee Boyles
Sarcoidosis patient

I too was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. Initially I was panic stricken and had so many questions. I turned to him as one of the leading experts, and he answered my email questions with patience and humor. I was honored to meet him at a Sarcoid convention and was able to ask him some questions. He was the one who looked me right in the face and told me that I did not have the chronic form of the disease. I literally went to the bathroom and cried. Thank you Dr. Sharma for all of the hope you have given to so many. Rest in peace.

Vickie Ward

I am saddened to learn of Dr. sharma's passing. I was referred to Dr. Sharma in 2009 when I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. He was direct and at the same time reassuring and a gentleman. Over the years, he always responded to my email questions which I appreciated knowing how busy he was. My prayers are with his family.

Kitezslav Kolek
prof of internal medicine, head of Dept. of Respiratory Medicine , University Hospital Olomouc, Czech Republic

prof Sharma was an excellent colleague, respectable teacher for many doctors all over the world and a person with inherited character of humanity.He helped me and my colleagues to join WASSOG meetings early after the velvet revolution in our country, visited the Czech Republic and showed us future problems of sarcoidosis research. Many doctors in my country admired him and will admire all the time.

Vitezslav Kolek
prof. of internal medicine


Shazia Jamil, MD
Scripps Clinic

I am extremely saddened to learn that Dr Sharma has passed away. He interviewed me for Internal Medicine residency at LAC-USC in 1993. During my three years there, I learned tremendously from him; in fact he was one of the reasons I pursued fellowship in Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine. Thank you Dr Sharma for being so kind to the trainees and for your outstanding teaching. You will be greatly missed!

Ilias Papanikolaou, MD
Corfu, Greece

What i mostly recall from Professor Sharma is our long conversations in his car going home after work. He inspired to me again the affection for medicine as only a gentleman physician like him could do. His legacy is a paradigm for young doctors to get better, care for the patients and stay humble. He joked at me once, saying Ilias might discover etiology of sarcoidosis. Well Om, things are so different without you.

Doreen Casey
sarcoidosis patient

In the late 1990s, I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. I located his name as one of te leading experts. I sent him an email with questions and he was kind enough to respond even though I was not his patient.

Bill Yu
GSK Hospital Acct Mgr

I will surely miss Dr. Om Sharma as a great clinician and a true friend. I have know him since I first called on LAC+USC in 1998. He has always given me knowledge and insights on medicine as well as life in general. When I am stuck on a subject matter, he was always there to give me guidance. He is a true Gentleman and a Scholar. Peace be with you my friend!

Dodie Blount

I am deeply sadden and extremely hurt to hear of Dr. Om Sharma passing. I was an asthmatic patient of him in 1971. I would call Dr. Sharma ocasionally to give him updates on my condition. I have not been hospitalized for asthma in almost 40 years. I am so blessed and grateful to the Lord Almighty that He direted me to such a gifted and loved person. I will miss him. May his family be comforted by God love and grace.

Kristofer Cruz
Sarcoidosis Patient

I met Dr Sharma at the 2011 Patient Conference on Sarcoidosis at OSHU in Portland Oregon. He gave a talk specifically for patients and answered some of my questions personally. At quick scan of Sarcoidosis articles at NIH reveals him as a very prolific author on the subject. He was very friendly to patients, straightforward and honest in his discussions. He will be sorely missed.

kuruganti reddy

An astute clinician and mentor. Humble and jovial in character. Peace be with him and his family

Nancy Winningham
sarcoidosis patient

It was my dream to be able to see Dr. Sharma. I was never able to do this. It always gave me hope in my illness that someone like him cared enough about others suffering from this disease that they would work so hard on our behalf to help further the cause. God bless you for what you have done. May you rest in peace.

Christine Townsend
Sarcoid patient and Webmaster of Sarcoid Connection

I was very saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Sharma. For much of his life he was such a force in the fight to learn about, cure, and prevent sarcoidosis. Although I never met him personally and I do not have a medical degree, he very kindly placed a link to my sarcoidosis glossary on his Website. THe fight against sarcoid will certainly be diminished because of his death. With my deepest sympathy. . .

Alvin L. Bowles
Henry Ford Hospital

Thanks for all of your contributions. We will miss you.

Victor F Reyes,M.D.
USC School of Med graduate 1979

Dr Sharma was brilliant, kind and a gentleman. I had the privilege of listening to him lecture. I later had the honor of having him take care of my patients. I am a better doctor and a better person, thanks to him.

Sisi Smith
Sarc patient

I am so sorry for Dr. Sharma's passing. He had devoted his life to the caring of Sarcoidosis' patients. I look forward to seeing Dr. Sharma when Jesus wakes him up from sleep (John 5:28,29). He will be missed

Leandro Antonio Gritti
Chest Physitian


p barb

What a tremendous loss for the world of science, medicine and for those of us who are yet undiagnosed/untreated.

Alfredo Jalilie
Instituto Nacional del Tórax. Santiago de Chile

For a Great Proffesor.

Alfredo Jalilie
National Institute of Chest


Denyce Duncan

To the family you are in my prayers and all things are possible with God he can and will heal a broken heart..I have sarcoid and have been fighting with the government for money and when our fighters and researchers pass on we have to learn to pick up where they dropped off at..Bless you

carolyn s. martin
Neighbor and personal Friend

A sad loss indeed. Having been neighbors with this dear man and his lovely wife Maggie for a number of years, I cannot say enough delightful things about the warmth and gentle spirit of a true gentleman, gracious host, and wonderful friend Om was to my late husband Dr. Martin and me. Dr. Sharma and my husband shared the same passion for good medicine and literature in their many years of practice. He will be missed indeed. One never lacked for fascinating and challenging conversation with the Sharmas. What a blessing it was to have known Om. May he rest in peace.

Selene. Kock
Chest physician, Aruba

My deepest sympathy to his lovely wife and family. I had the honour to meet him and his wife in Maastricht, the Netherlands. His legacy will continue!

Domagala-Kulawik Joanna
Medical University of Warsaw

For our Great Teacher

Wonder Drake

It is with great sadness that I received the news of Om's passing. One could not ask for a more kind mentor or more able researcher. His passion and wisdom has touched each of us and should be embodied by us all. Om, your legacy lives on in each of us.

Norman Soskel

Dr. Sharma was one of the very few people who had a profound influence on my life. I first met him at USC while attending a general internal medicine review course. He spoke about sarcoidosis in the pulmonary section. He was very striking in his dark gray suit and his hair was jet black and was longer than shoulder length. I didn't really communicate with him until I started attending WASOG meetings and through Dr. DG James was introduced to Dr. Sharma. We published two review articles together regarding pleural sarcoidosis. He was always the mentor and teacher to those around him and I treasure the few times I was in his presence. He was a major driving force in spuring on research in sarcoidosis and he will be missed a great deal.

Albert H Niden M.D.

We will always remember Dr Om Sharma as an outstanding Pulmonary Clinician, Teacher, and Clinical Research Investigator. He is recgnized world-widefor his research studies and clinical papers on Sarcoidosis. I personally will always remember him as a close,dear friend and supporter over many many years. We will truly always miss you Om.

Juan Mañá, MD
Bellvitge University Hospital, Barcelona, Spain

I would like to join in the condolences for Prof Sharma. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to collaborate with him. I would also like to express my sympathy with his family and friends.

Dr S.MTiwari
Ex G.C.Member ASI, GRMC Alumni

On behalf of GRMC Alumni Association I extend our sincere condolenses to the bereaved family and ray for the peace to the departed soul. We have lost a brilliant clinician and a great human being.

Dawn R. Person

Dr. Sharma saved my life. Had it not been for his genius, inquisitive nature, and inability to jump to conclusions, I would not be alive and living the quality of life that I am now able to enjoy. He was a man of integrity, empathy and showed concern for his patients that should be emmulated by all doctors. I will miss him and I will never forget how he spent time teaching me about the condition that I will have for the rest of my life. He even took time to help my children understand what they could and should expect and how to support me. He was a good man and doctor.

Zea Borok, MD
Division Chief, USC Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Dr. Sharma is greatly missed by the faculty, fellows and staff of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. He has been a constant presence to all of us and provided support to each of us in different ways. Quiet and unassuming, he nevertheless greatly impacted the lives of those around him, serving as an inspiration and role model to always strive for excellence and do the right thing. His absence is felt every day. A true scholar and gentleman, he will be missed by each and every one of us.

Ruth V. Jacobs
Sarcoidosis Network Foundation, Inc.

To the family of Dr. Om P. Sharma: On behalf of the Sarcoidosis Network Foundation, Inc., I would like to express our deepest condolences. We have been very blessed and honored to have Dr. Sharma as part of SNF. He was our medical advisor for 20 years and always participated in our yearly Sarcoidosis Awareness & Education Conferences. We have always known Dr. Sharma as a man of profound intellect and compassion. He will be greatly missed, and we thank him for touching the lives of our patients. He will always be in our hearts.

J. Mario Molina, M.D.
USC Medicine Class of 1984, American Osler Society

I first met Dr. Sharma when I was a medical student at USC. He was a popular teacher and excellent clinician. When I moved back to California, I renewed my acquaintance with him through the George Dock society. He was a gentleman, a scholar, clinician and historian of the first rank. I will miss him.

John C. Carson.MD
American Osler Society

Om was a gendtleman & a scholar---the AOS, Dock Society, The Johnsonians---I was first introduced to him by the late Earl Nation. He will be missed


Carlo Albera
University of Turin, Italy

We had the great opportunity to know Om: we have lost a great man and a good friend.

Tatjana Peros-Golubicic
University Hospital for Lung Disease, Zagreb

Professor Om Sharma has vanished physically, but his spirit is still with us. When I think of him I recall the words like teacher, friendship, smile, support, wittiness, persistence, patience, encyclopedia knowledge, writing, words, music...He was a perfect human being, the perfect match of Eastern and Western culture. He was born in Indian, lived in Japan; later frequently he visited his Japanese Flute teacher. Then he joined s mall group of doctors, enthusiasts in London, A Small United Nations they called themselves, the seed of the Sarcoidosis Movement. And finally US. He did not make difference between people concerning race, color of the skin or gender, he gave everybody a chance and respect, no matter whether they came from the Balkans or from Brompton, London. Forever he will stay in my mind and in my heart. I sympathize with his wonderful wife Maggie, his soul mate, and their daughters, aware that words can not ease sorrow, sadness and pain.

Dominique VALEYRE
University Paris 13, France

We all have learnt a lot from Dr OP Sharma whose name remains associated in our memory to other great sarcoidosis physicians. I share sadness with his family, friends, patients and coleagues

Shirley R. Holley
Denver Sarcoidosis Awareness Support Group

I was shocked and so sad to hear about the passing of Dr. Sharma. For 13 years I went untreated for sarcoidosis until I sent him an email in 1998 sharing my frustration in not being able to find a doctor who was knowledgeable about the disease. He responded the very next day, and he not only recommended National Jewish Hospital, but also gave me the names of two of the specialists there. His actions were even more valuable when my oldest son Lenny was diagnosed with Neurosarc in 2001. Without the proper treatment, I'm not so sure he would be here today. My son had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Sharma when he sat down at Lenny’s table and introduced himself at a reception the night before the WASOG Conference here in Denver in 2005. I've shared Dr. Sharma’s contact information with several new sarcoidosis patients who were at a loss in finding a doctor in California. I've always held him in high regard and send heartfelt condolences to his family from me, my family and the Denver Sarcoidosis Awareness Support Group. This is a HUGE loss to the sarcoidosis community and Dr. Om P. Sharma will be greatly missed.

Sandra Conroy
Natl. Sarcoidosis Resource Center

Dr.Sharma will always be with us and I was truly blessed to have known him.I first talked to Dr.Sharma over the phone 22 years ago, expressing my desire to have a book for Sarcoidosis patients. In 1993, Dr. Sharma hosted the WASOG conference in Pasadena and I had the opportunity to meet him and his lovely wife Maggie. They both made me feel special and still today a very treasured memory. Dr. Sharma’s Gifts to humanity and the Sarcoidosis Community is Priceless. Dearest Maggie and family, as our hearts and prays go out to you, please accept our deepest sympathies.

Barbara M Fragione
Former Patient

I was deeply saddened to hear of Dr. Sharma's passing. I have known Dr. Sharma since 1994. I was ill at the time and he handed me a booklet with no more then 6-8 pages and told me that that was all he knew about sarcoidosis, but not to worry because he would not let anything bad happen to me. I was in bad shape. He was the most kind, gentle, positive spirited man. Dr. Sharma will be missed. What a sad sad day for all of us. My heart goes out to his wife and family.

Phyllis Busch
Sarcoidosis patient

I was so saddened to hear of the passing of Dr Sharma. I am praying for him and his family. His life was a blessing to all of us. His work will remain part of his legacy.

thomas michael kappler

first whether a person believes in God or not i will not put them down if they do not but i thank God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit multiple times a day for my second chance and my donor Matthew who had the forsight to be an organ donor never got to meet dr om p sharma but have met individuals who knew him personally and doctors who worked with him two of my doctors knew and worked with him i wanted to meet him to ask him about lung and lung heart transplants but never got the chance i did get a right lung transplant on nov 9 2009 at 118 am at the university of wisconsin madison through the va hospital in long beach california and madison wisconsin i have sarcoidosis it does not have me i will kick its ass i refuse to lose thomas michael kappler

K. "Jaz" Winchester Owens
A Song for Life Sarcoidosis Foundation

I am shocked and saddened by the news of Dr. Sharma's passing!! Dr. Sharma was one of the first specialists I sought out and consulted with right after I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. Doctor Sharma's dedication to & comprehensive research on Sarcoidosis has been invaluable to me and thousands of others around the world! Dr. Sharma's presence in the Sarcoidosis community will be greatly missed! On behalf of the A Song for Life Sarcoidosis Network, I'd like to extend my deepest condolences to his family, friends & colleagues! K. "Jaz" Winchester Owens

Stop Sarcoidosis Support Community

Dear Dr. Om, Wish I had the luck to meet you in time. My sincere thanks to you on what you have contributed to the community. Please rest in peace. With repect, Sheau-Fei

Kiyoshi Shima,MD
Membaer of the Japanese of Sarcoidosis and oter Granulomatatous Disorders

I am very sorry to hear of the passing of Dr.Om P. Sharma. We extend our deepest sympathies to you for your terrible loss. May his soul rest in peace. In deepest sympathy,

Johan Grunewald
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Om Sharma will be deeply missed. His gentle, curious and elegant personality together with his great knowledge is a true inspiration for all of us

Emma Carroll
Janine's Sarcoidosis Outreach Foundation

My condolence to Dr O Sharma's family. He will surely be missed. He was always just a telephone call away for any question or concerns about Sarcoidosis and it's health issues. emma

Puneet Khanna MD FCCP
Consultant, Respiratory Medicine, New Delhi

...A great loss to all of us who learned and got inspired from his perseverence and clinical accumen...indeed a doyen in the field of Sarcoidosis...

Günseli K?l?nç
Prof Dr

Prof Sharma was a great human being besides his achievements in Medicine. He is going to be a model for me during rest of my life.

Robert W. G. Manning
Sarcoidosis Patient

25 years ago, when I was diagnosed with this strange disease, Sarcoidosis and being an anal engineer, I traveled to the CU medical library to learn about the disease. After much research, one name came up over and over again (Dr. Om P. Sharma) and it was obvious that he was a leader in the study of and research into this disease. 25 years later, I am currently a stage four out of four and have been treated for the past 25 years by the wonderful staff at National Jewish. My options have dwindled and we are looking now at experimental drugs and then possibly a lung transplant. When I asked my National Jewish doctor if I should get a second opinion to see if I left any stone unturned, she suggested Dr. Sharma. This was in January of 2012. I sent Dr. Sharma an e-mail on a Saturday night asking if I could make an appointment and before Sunday morning I had received the response "absolutely". Before my appointment, my wife was diagnosed with cancer and her surgery was scheduled the day after my appointment was to occur with Dr. Sharma. I sent an e-mail asking if I could fly in and fly out the same day and the next day, to my amazement, I received a phone call from Dr. Sharma! He spent 45 minutes on the phone with me telling me I didn't need to come see him he knew what my options were and I should stay in Colorado and take care of my wife's condition. What other doctor would have taken the time to do this? I feel truly blessed to have at least talked to him on the phone. RIP Dr. Sharma and know you will be missed.

Robert W. G. Manning
Sarcoidosis patient

When I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis 25 years ago, being an anal engineer, I traveled to the CU medical library to read up on this strange disease. As I read, one name came up over and over again in the literature and it was obvious to the untrained observer that he (Dr. Om P. Sharma) was a leader in the study and understanding of this disease.

Spyros A Papiris
Athens Medical School

Dear Professor Om Prakash Sharma, a few decades ago, thousands of miles away, you nurtured through your writings my love for pulmonary medicine and all the fascinating, "incompletely understood and inadequately treated" diseases that you dedicated your life to. I will never forget you, Sir. Spyros Papiris, Professor of Medicine Athens, Greece

Gerald S. Davis, MD
University of Vermont

Om Sharma was truely a great clinician and teacher who not only added new knowledge to the mysteries of sarcoidosis but kept news of this disease important for patients and physicians outside the field. He will be missed tremendously.

Arvind Rajasekaran
Consultant chest Physician

Dr Sharma was an inspiration for many. We will miss him very much.

Agnieszka Jarzemska
Chest physician, Poland, Bydgoszcz

I've got a great opportunity to ask Him few guestions at WASOG in Athens. Thank You for giving me encouragement, thank You for all Your lectures.

Francesco Tommaso Bonella
Ruhrlandklinik-University of Duisburg-Essen

A great Master of us all

Joachim Müller-Quernheim
Freiburg, Germany

The entire sarcoidosis community is mourning the passing of our true friend and academic teacher.

Teruo Tachibana
Aizenbashi Hospital,Japan

It's very sad news.I must express my sincere condolense for Om's bereavement. Since 1969,when I met Om Sharma at 5th International Conference on Sarcoidosis,Om has been the great adviser in my study of Sarcoidosis.I am proud of Om Sharma.

Antonio Manuel Martins de Morais
Pneumology Department-Hospital São João-Oporto

Thank you very much Dr. Om Prakash Sharma for your teachings and enthusiasm regarding sarcoidosis.

Kim McGee
Admirer of Work

Dr. Sharma will be deeply missed escpecially by those who suffer Sarcoidosis. I thank the family for allowing him to put forth so much energy to help others. We will miss him as I know you will.

Vlasis Polychronopoulos

Medical Society lost one of its most important Members;Om Sharma ,was the typical paradigm of a real man and a perfect Physician. He was a very good friend of every foreigner doctor who asked his help and he loved giving all his compassion to all the patients.

Vlasis Polychronopoulos

Medical Society lost one of its most important Members;Om Sharma ,was the typical paradigm of a real man and a perfect Physician. He was a very good friend of every foreigner doctor who asked his help and he loved giving all his compassion to all the patients.

Mary Berlin
Stockholm Sweden

Thank you for inspiration and charing knowledge.

Olof Selroos
Semeco, Vejbystrand

We miss a long-time great friend and scholar. Rest in peace!

Stefan Rustscheff
Värnamo General Hospital

A gentle giant of learning and inspiration has silently passed away. I have had the tremendous pleasure of meeting and listening to professor Sharma on numerous occasions. His deep learning, humility and gentle approach to others will be a lifelong source of inspiration to me and all others who knew him. Requiescat in pace.

Dutch Sarcoidosis Association
Mayka Overgaauw

With his passing away we sadly lost a pioneer who has ment so much to the sarcoidosiscommunity. May he be blessed with peacefull rest.

Nils Milman
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Thank You for Your continuing inspiration and encouragement. May You Rest in Peace.

Arata Azuma
Nippon Medical School, Japan

Dear All members of WASOG I am very sad to hear his death and express my sympathies and condolences for him and his families including all member of WASOG.


Rest in Peace.

Ganesh Raghu
university of washington

-a true gentleman and a scholar who is well known for his tranquility ..the essence of "Om".. May his soul rest in peace Deep and respectful condolences to Maggie Sharma Ganesh Raghu

Marc A. Judson
Albany Medical Center

My heart goes out to Maggie and Om's family. Om's academic accomplishments speak for themselves. But they don't convey the gleam that was always in his eye nor his infectious smile. He only had positive things to say and was always encouraging. He was a great man who maintained his gentleness and humility.

Roger K.A. ALLEN
Wesley Medical Centre, Brisbane, Australia

I am saddened to read this email today. I thought we would meet in Cleveland. Om Sharma and Gerry James were the mortar between the bricks of WASOG. They were also both its keystones and the foundation stones. Om had an inciteful mind, a boundless enthusiasm, a wealth of clinical experience,a curiosity, a respect for those who had achieved excellence and a love of writing. He sent me his book on Dame Sheila Sherlock and signed his name inside. He was a warm man and a father figure to those junior to him. I think I first met him at my first WASOG meeting in Estoril, Portugal. Societies are not built of stones but of individuals and their achievements. Some leave their mark and some none. His memory will remain with us and his legacy will persist as we each pass the baton. He did not drop it. Sarcoidosis may be small but the Society with men like him has punched above its weight. We follow both in his shadow and bask in his sunshine. My condolences to your wife and family,Om. Vale, Roger

Marjolein Drent

Prof. Om P. Sharma died peacefully on August 19, 2012 at home in Los Angeles. His persona embodied the best qualities of a mentor, and a wonderful and generous warmest friend. Beside his professional merits I would like to stress prof. Om Sharma’s wonderful commitment towards his patients. First of all, he was teaching that the patient’s story is very important. Dearest Om, I am much honoured that I had the opportunity to get to know you and feel more than privileged. I thank you for being my teacher and tutor, but most of all I am very proud you and Maggie became our dearest friends. Your devotion to examine the etiology of sarcoidosis has resulted in national and international educational and research collaborations. You literally took me by the hand and introduced me in the world of sarcoidosis and I became a member of the international sarcoidosis family. I wish Maggie, Om's daughters, and his family all the strength they need. Om will be sadly missed by those who knew him and those who loved him. Moreover, WASOG will deeply miss him!