WASOG/AASOG was an overwhelming Success!Announcements

WASOG/AASOG was an overwhelming Success!

Manny and I would like to thank each and every one of you for a wonderful four days last week. 


Dan Culver

President of WASOG     

The conference was an overwhelming success because of the superb presentations and discussion you all provided. 

We had 1237 participants, with over 600 attending the live sessions. Every session had at least 180 participants in it.

There were 83 countries with 35 individual specialties represented, including paraprofessional ones. 

Most notably, we had very interesting and collaborative dialogue between clinicians and researchers.

In several areas, opportunities for advancing the field emerged. 

I hope that each of you will continue to be involved with WASOG, and with your local ILD and sarcoidosis societies as well. 

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