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COVID Vaccination Questionnaire

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world.

Nothing is self-evident anymore.


Now, a solution is in sight with the availability of vaccines.


It appears that willingness to be vaccinated varies considerably among different population groups.


To get an impression of the willingness in patients with sarcoidosis, a short questionnaire has been prepared.

This questionnaire is also distributed in America and some other European countries.

If you have any form of sarcoidosis, we would like to ask you to complete the survey.


The questionnaire is a follow-up to the survey (2020) that evaluated the extent to which sarcoidosis patients had a COVID-19 infection. The report of the results of this previous questionnaire, which was made in collaboration with and the stopsarcoidosis foundation (FSR), has now been published and can be read: "Risk and outcome of COVID-19 infection in sarcoidosis patients: results of a self-reporting questionnaire "Robert P. Baughman, Elyse Lower, Mindy Buchanon, Paola Rottoli, Marjolein Drent, Jacobo Sellares, Michelle Terwiel, Marjon Elfferich, Joel Francesqui, Maria Rita Barriuso Cabrerizo, Nadera Sweiss, Filippo Martone, Marc Judson.


By completing the vaccine readiness questionnaire, you agree that the data will be processed anonymously. A summary of the research will be published based on the anonymous data.


Thank you very much for your cooperation!


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