Dr. Francesco Bonella, MD PhD


Dr Francesco Bonella is Assistant Professor at the Unit for Interstitial and Rare Lung Disease at Ruhrlandklinik, University of Essen, Germany. After receiving his MD and Board Certification at the University of Verona, Italy, he earned his PhD in Interstitial Lung Diseases at the University of Essen under the supervision of Professor Ulrich Costabel. His research includes IPF, CTD-ILD, sarcoidosis and pulmonary alveolar proteinosis, with a special focus on biomarkers, genetic predisposition and bronchoalveolar lavage. In recent years he has acted as an investigator for clinical trials in ILD. He is a member of several scientific advisory boards, a reviewer for multiple scientific journals and has authored numerous book chapters, original articles, and reviews on ILD. He co-founded EuPAPNet, the European Network for Alveolar Proteinosis, and ERN-LUNG and is Chair of the DPLD Group of the European Respiratory Society.

Francesco Bonella is member of the WASOG executive Committee.