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Coline van Moorsel, PhD


Dr. Coline van Moorsel is Head ILD Research and R&D Pulmonology at St Antonius Hospital, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. Furthermore, she is assistant professor at University Medical Center Utrecht. She received her MSc degree in Biology with honors from Leiden University. Her PhD-studies on genetic diversification were performed in collaboration with Wageningen University and the National Museum of Natural History for which she received a PhD degree in molecular genetics at Leiden University. As a postdoctoral researcher she joined the Central Laboratory of Blood Transfusion services to develop high-throughput micro-arrays for mutation detection in hereditary anaemia and bloodgroup typing in collaboration with Amsterdam Medical Center and Clinical Genetics Center Leiden. In 2004 she joined the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory of St Antonius Hospital to investigate genetic causes of pulmonary disease and later joined the Pulmonology department at St Antonius Hospital and Utrecht University Medical Center as a senior scientist to investigate genotype-phenotype interactions in Interstitial Lung Diseases. From 2012-2014 she was captain of the ILD-taskforce of the Netherlands Respiratory Society. From 2016 onwards she heads the Pulmonology trial department. She is currently head of the ILD Research group where she conducts research and supervises the research of PhD and MSc students and laboratory technicians on biological factors that influence disease development in ILD and lung transplantation.


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email: c.van.moorsel@antoniusziekenhuis.nl

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