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Dr. Florence Jeny, MD PhD


Dr. Florence Jeny (b. 1984) studied medicine at Paris 12 University (France), and completed her training in the pulmonary department (Pr Valeyre/ Pr Nunes) at Avicenne Hospital in Bobigny (France).  After a master 2 entitle "Mesenchymal stem cells reduce hypoxia-induced apoptosis in alveolar epithelial cells by modulating ROS hypoxic signalings", she is beginning since 2016 a biological thesis at Paris 13 University (EA 2363 Pr Planès, France) in the field of sarcoidosis using different granulomatous models. Her main research interests include:  pulmonary sarcoidosis, granulomatous model and interstitial lung disease.


email: florence.jeny@aphp.fr