Prof. C. Robalo Cordeiro, MD PhD


Carlos Robalo Cordeiro was born in Coimbra, Portugal, 20th August 1958. He is a specialist in Pulmonology – Coimbra University Hospital, since 1992. He received his phD in Medicine in the University of 1996. He is president of Pulmonology Portuguese National Board, since October 2006 and the coordinator of the Research Unit “Center of Pulmonology”, from the Ministry of Science and Technology, since July 2006. He was ellected Chairman of European Respiratory Society Group “Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease”, in January 2008 (former Secretary 2005/2008). Furthermore, he was elected Member of the ERS Council, in January 2008. He was chairman of the “10th International Conference on Bronchoalveolar Lavage”, held in Portugal, June 2006 . He is a peer reviewer of: “Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia”, “European Respiratory Journal”, “Respiration”, “Respiratory Medicine”, ”Journal of Internal Medicine”, “Breathe” and “Pneumon”. He was first author of 104 publications as and 148 as co-author. Since 2003 he is the coordinator of “Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques Unit” from the Department of Pulmonology and Allergology – Coimbra University Hospital. He was the Portuguese delegate in the UEMS (2000-2006) and he is a member of the Portuguese Academy of Medicine, since 2006.


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