WASOG and FSR recognized Sarcoidosis ClinicAnnouncements

WASOG and FSR recognized Sarcoidosis Clinic

WASOG is proud to partner with the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research to provide a platform by which institutions may be recognized as having a WASOG and FSR recognized Sarcoidosis Clinic. 


This initial application process is required in order for clinics to then be certified as WASOG Centers and Center of Excellence.

‘WASOG Sarcoidosis Center of Excellence’ refers to a multidisciplinary team of specialized medical and paramedical professionals with a shared specialized facility that has proven sustainability over years, and provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for sarcoidosis patients and professionals. It should contain sarcoidosis experts in at least two different disciplines. 

To learn more and apply to have your center recognized as a Sarcoidosis Clinic, please visit the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research’s website (https://www.stopsarcoidosis.org/become-sarcoidosis-clinic/) or contact sarc.clinic@stopsarcoidosis.org.